The northern lights caused by the weekend’s severe solar storm were briefly visible in Cyprus as well, President of the Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO) George Danos, told CNA on Monday.

The solar storm of rare intensity that reached Earth last weekend caused problems in several countries, affecting to a small extent telecommunications, electricity, the geo-location network (GPS), satellites, but also the International Space Station located 400 kilometers from Earth.

However, the phenomenon offered an impressive colorful sky spectacle, the northern lights, which was briefly visible from Cyprus as well.

In a statement to CNA, Danos said that the Sun will be at its 11-year spike this year and in 2025 and did not rule out the possibility of Cyprus experiencing the northern lights again.

Noting that this weekend’s solar storm, was the largest recorded since 2003, he said that the magnificent aurora borealis was visible in Cyprus as well at around 01.30 on Saturday. “It became visible from cameras that are on the Troodos mountain which record the sky. It appeared briefly as a red color on the horizon”  Danos said.

The Sun is currently near the peak of its activity based on its 11-year cycle. The coronal mass emissions originate from a sunspot that is about 16 times the diameter of the Earth.


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