European Parliament President Roberta Metsola delivered a message of solidarity and support for Cyprus’ ongoing quest for reunification. In a video message at a celebratory event commemorating Cyprus’ 20 years of EU membership, Metsola pointed out the broader significance of addressing the division of an EU member state, highlighting the collective responsibility of all Europeans to work towards a resolution.

“The forced division of an EU member state is not just a concern for Cyprus. It is a concern for all Europeans, one we must work to resolve together,” Metsola said. She reiterated the EU’s steadfast support for Cyprus, emphasising that the Union stands with Cyprus not only in Brussels and Strasbourg but also in the Mediterranean region.

She pledged the EU’s enduring support for Cyprus, promising to stand by Cyprus for as long as necessary until its reunification is achieved in accordance with the United Nations’ Plan.

Metsola referred to the 20th anniversary of Cyprus’ accession to the European Union, saying it was a significant milestone for the country who joined the EU alongside nine other states, including her own.

She hailed it as a victory for all member states, saying that EU membership has been transformative for them.

“The past 2 decades have taught us many things but especially that any nation big or small cannot face the crisis of this generation alone. We are not just a European Union but our European family where every voice matters and no nation’s plea can go unheard,” she noted.

Addressing migration, a paramount concern for Cypriots, Metsola pointed out the EU’s responsiveness, citing the Asylum and Migration Pact as a testament to the Union’s commitment to action.

“We now have legislation for external border protection, solidarity between member states and laws that put humanity first, but we must do more” she said.

Looking ahead to the upcoming European Parliament elections on June 9th, Metsola urged Cypriots to exercise their democratic right to vote, emphasising the crucial role of elected representatives as the voice of the people.

“Especially with war at our immediate neighbourhood and adversity that challenges us, voting is how we safeguard our values our way of life and our European projects,” she pointed out.

She also urged the people of Cyprus not to take Europe for granted but to vote in support of the benefits brought by 20 years of EU membership and to also to vote for more.

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