A significant policing operation will take place across London this weekend.
An event has been organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) in central London. Officers will also be policing two football finals at Wembley, four Premier League fixtures and a protest at the Eritrean Embassy.
In relation to the PSC, we have seen several months of protest in London and recognise the cumulative impact of this, including on London’s Jewish communities. Our goal has been to protect the lawful right to protest whilst minimising the impact of these events. We do not have the power to ban protest unless there is a risk of serious disorder.
This week we have maintained regular dialogue with Jewish and Muslim communities across London, including meeting with Rabbis from across London to listen and understand the concerns of their communities.
As a result of this dialogue, we have engaged with the PSC who have agreed to move the starting point of the march. We have used our powers to place conditions on the protest to ensure we minimise the serious disruption to the community and balance the rights of all.
The ‘Enough is Enough’ group intend to hold a static demonstration in Piccadilly Circus at the same time as the PSC march. Similar events have taken place alongside previous PSC events and we have ongoing engagement with the organisers.
Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove, who is leading this weekend’s policing operation, said:
“All Londoners have a right to have their voices heard, just as they also have a right to go about their lives without fear or being subject to serious disruption.
“Ahead of the weekend we have been in regular discussions with the PSC as well as religious leaders, community groups and businesses.
“The conditions placed on the location and route of the PSC event take into account the impact these marches are having in London, the right to protest, and seeks to minimise the disruption they cause.

“London has no tolerance for hate crime and we will take swift enforcement action against anyone who crosses the line.”

Expected Events

The PSC march will form up on Mortimer Street, W1 at 12:00hrs on Saturday. The march will follow a route through Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus, Haymarket, Cockspur Street, Trafalgar Square and ending in Whitehall for speeches.
We will be policing a protest in the vicinity of the Eritrean Embassy, N1 on Saturday from 10:00hrs and 12:00hrs.

Wembley Stadium is hosting Football League Play-Off finals on Saturday and Sunday.

Four Premier League fixtures are taking place in London on Sunday afternoon.

The Public Order Act gives the police the power to impose conditions on a procession or assembly of two or more people who are deemed to have a common purpose.
Since October, we’ve used the proactive imposition of conditions more extensively than during any other period of protest in recent memory. 

We’ve been able to control the route of protests, their duration, their start and finish times, the details of any static assemblies and the ability of those involved to get near to sensitive sites or into communities where fears are most heightened.  
Conditions can be imposed either in advance of an event or by the senior officer present during an event.
On Saturday, the following conditions will be in place relating to the PSC event:
Under Section 14(3) Public Order Act 1986: Any person participating in the “Palestine Solidarity Campaign” assembly in preparation for the organised procession must remain within Mortimer Street and Goodge Street until such time as the procession commences along the prescribed route

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