Going away for that long-awaited holiday break is not always soon enough or even possible when you are working or have other commitments, but even if you only have a day or two, just to create a little break at home or somewhere nearby, that helps takes you away from the regular routine; it can still be good for the mind, body and soul.

Get creative with ideas – whether it is a day or the weekend and if there are children to consider, who wouldn’t love an adventure of camping in a garden, setting up a camp fire, toasting some marshmallows and dipping in chocolate?! There doesn’t have to be a garden; setting up a tepee in a room, along with melting some chocolate in a bowl and warming those marshmallows, can still be fun.

A Spa Day
Whether it is in a spa retreat hotel, at a beauty salon or even at home, get yourself and some friends together to enjoy some time out, with soft lighting and soothing music playing in the background as you indulge in a little pampering of face, hand, feet exfoliation, moisturizing masks, a mini hand or pedicure, and hair conditioning massage treatments. There are mobile therapists if you don’t want to do your own or each other.

Destination Unknown
Try out new places or things you have not done before; check out some historical places, pack a picnic and set off for a day out. There are many churches, castles and other places to explore, many offering guided tours with new skills to try out or country fayres on their grounds.

Craft Workshops
Learn something new on your own or with some friends, find something you want to do, from photography, pottery, artistic drawing and painting skills, gourmet cooking – unleash your creativity and discover hidden talents.

Be A Local Tourist
Imagine you are a local tourist in your own city, find out about some landmarks you have never visited before, be it historical parks, buildings, museums, see where there are plaques placed for people and why. Get set with your camera to take some pictures for yourself there.

Health Spa
Pretend you are on a wellness retreat and try out lots of new classes at a gym or sports centre. Many centres offer free day passes where you are able to try everything available for the day. Pick the day you want to try the actual classes available on that day’s timetable, as they can vary daily. So, if you haven’t tried that yoga, meditation, boxing, dance, or any other type of class you want to have a go at, make a day of it as a day’s health retreat.

The idea is that you create a place that is your idea of fun, rest, and play, that suits your specific needs of enjoyment – a bespoke package.
Have fun and enjoy life!

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x

Facebook: Samsara Kyriakou

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