Footage emerged on Saturday night of an attack by a group of 70 youths on the home of a 73-year-old Briton in the Kiti area of Larnaca.

The video shows the youths setting off fireworks and firecrackers at the residence, causing fires, and breaking through the property’s fence.

The incident occurred when authorities received reports of a group of youths causing a disturbance by burning a bonfire pile.

The Fire Service was called to the scene as the fire spread to nearby cypress trees. Police officers also attended to secure the area for the fire engine and to control traffic.

However, the youths turned their attention to the authorities, hurling firecrackers at police officers and the home of the man.

Authorities intervened to restore order, but not before the youths caused damage to the property, including setting fires in the courtyard and pergola and breaking glass with stones.

Order was eventually restored, and the youths fled the scene.
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