New bicycle repair and pump stands located throughout Barnet are boosting residents’ cycling options.
There are stands at three locations: Totteridge and Whetstone Station/Dollis Valley Open Space, Barnet and Southgate College/ Barnet Police Station and New Barnet Train Station
The new facilities were installed after Whetstone Councillor Ella Rose helped secure more than £16,000 from council funding.
The stands will enable residents do minor repairs to their bikes, pump and tires. This will help make cycling a real option for residents, encouraging active travel, exercise and cutting pollution.
It will also save residents money on minor repair work and maintenance tools, which will be particularly important for the students of Barnet and Southgate College.
Whetstone Councillor Ella Rose said: “It’s really important that residents have choice when they want to travel – car, bus, tube or bike.
“By installing these bike pumps and stands, it makes cycling a more viable option – which is great for our health and the planet’s as well.
“It is part of Barnet Labour’s commitment to making travel easier, whether it’s the £97million we are investing in fixing roads and pavements over five years or installing more than 2,000 electric vehicle charging points.”
Totteridge resident and GP Ann Robinson said: “This is a fantastic low cost, high impact idea. It signals Barnet Council’s commitment to getting us active and improving air quality in our borough, and I’ve used it already.”
Another resident Sam Jacobs said: “Until 2022 Barnet Council was really on autopilot on the cycling agenda. It’s great to seeing Barnet truly commit now.”

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