1st Cyprus Forum London

The first annual Cyprus Forum London will be held this year on the 15th of May at the Cyprus High Commission. This event is organised by the non-governmental organisation Oxygen for Democracy, in association with High Commission of Cyprus in London.

The expansion to London marks an exciting new chapter for the Cyprus Forum, an annual forum dedicated to fostering dialogue and driving impactful change. As an extension of the Cyprus Forum series, the addition of London signifies our commitment to broadening our reach and engaging with diverse perspectives on critical issues.

Since its inception, the Cyprus Forum has been at the forefront of facilitating discussions and collaboration among policymakers, academics, civil society representatives, and thought leaders. By establishing a presence in London, we aim to further amplify these conversations, drawing upon the dynamic energy and expertise of this global hub.

The event will encompass discussion on topics such as the justice system, geopolitics, technology and economy.

Furthermore, the 1st Cyprus Forum London is enhancing its collaboration with its partners, which includes renowned organisations such as the High Commission of Cyprus in London, the Hellenic Centre, the Hellenic Observatory at the LSE, Southeast European Studies at Oxford, the British Council, Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law and Cypriots in the City. These valuable partners play an integral role in shaping the discussion content and selecting expert speakers for the event.

To find out more about our upcoming event and to see the agenda, please click here

To participate in this pivotal event, interested parties are encouraged to secure their seats by registering via the provided link:  Save your Seat – Cyprus Forum London




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