The Ministry of Education will present a proposal to the House of Representatives allowing foreign universities, both European and non-European, to establish branches in Cyprus.

This policy shift, if approved, aims to enhance the competitiveness of Cypriot higher education, the Ministry said.

Students enrolled in these foreign university branches would be selected based on the universities’ own criteria, bypassing the standard Cypriot education ministry exams.

Upon successful completion of their studies, these students would receive degrees directly from the parent university, just as if they had studied on the main campus.

The Ministry emphasises that academic programs offered by these branches would undergo rigorous evaluation and supervision by the local Quality Assurance Agency (DIPAΕ).

The proposal comes amidst expressed interest from prestigious institutions. Both the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the National Technical University of Athens have already shown a desire to establish branches in Cyprus.

If the House approves the proposal and the government gives the green light, this new policy could be implemented as early as next September.
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