Congratulations to Andrew Stelios who has just graduated with an MA in Philosophy at Birkbeck University in London. His course was two years part-time and his dissertation was on Plato’s Theory of Forms and its viability.
Sixty nine year old Mr Stelios said, “The world that we live in is claimed to be not real as it is constantly changing. I always had an interest in Philosophy but never focused on it and the course provided structure and content bringing and placing philosophy in the past to the present in an intelligible way.”
He continued, “The course made me realise how important and fundamental the critical thinking that took place by our ancestors in ancient Greece. The presocratic philosophers of which are many, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle laid the foundations that all western philosophy followed and progressed to what we know today. A claim that I am very proud of.”
Mr Stelios noted that, “As human beings, we really do not stop learning and age is immaterial. The university of Birkbeck offers the opportunity to study a course of which there are many in full time or part-time (evening/morning/afternoon), whilst you are doing your normal day to day job. There is no age limit to learning and acquiring knowledge is power.”
He concluded, “I hope my achievement will encourage and inspire others of any age or circumstance to study something that really is of interest to them.”

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