Cllr Sue Jameson has been elected as the new Mayor of Haringey at the Full Council meeting at Tottenham Town Hall.
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A ward Cllr for Bruce Castle, the Tottenham-based mum-of-three works in education as a SEND assistant at the Willow Primary School on Broadwater Farm and is heavily involved at the Community Hub in nearby Lordship Rec.

An eclectic, rich and varied career has seen Cllr Jameson work as a kids’ entertainer, sing in working men’s clubs, been part of touring pantomimes, worked for Murder Mystery companies and done bits of ‘Total Instructional Effort’ or ‘TIE’ – a method of classifying and reporting classes.

She says the worst job she’s ever had was working on a holiday camp, although all was not lost on that occasion as she ended up marrying a colleague.

Cllr Jameson loves being a gigging jazz singer and is a keen cyclist.

You sense the next year will be far from boring and quite entertaining with Cllr Jameson at the helm.

Cllr Ahmed Mahbub, ward councillor for White Hart Lane, has been announced as the Deputy Mayor for the forthcoming year.

We would like to once again thank former Mayor, Cllr Lester Buxton and former Deputy Mayor, Cllr Ajda Ovat for all their hard work and dedication to the roles over the last 12 months.

The Bruce Castle Cllr and new Deputy Mayor Cllr Ahmed Mahbub, who represents the White Hart Lane ward, replaced Cllr Lester Buxton and Cllr Ajda Ovat respectively at the annual Full Council meeting at Tottenham Town Hall.

Cllr Jameson admits Cllr Buxton and Cllr Ovat have “set a high bar” for her and Cllr Mahbub to follow, but she is determined to “attend as many events as possible” and use her role to “reach out to those in need,” “break down barriers to bring people together” and “move our community forward.”

The Tottenham-based mum-of-three enthused in her opening address as Mayor:

Haringey is a wonderful place to grow up in and grow old in.

Our borough is full of innovation, arts, creative spaces and creative communities that put the health and wellbeing of our people at its heart.

It’s full of history and diversity and I will seek to marry these elements as we move our #RebelBorough forward.

We are home to Tottenham Hotspur and…their events have put Haringey on the map. This renders Haringey a destination, whether or not you cheer: ‘Come On You Spurs!’
Cllr Jameson works as a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) assistant at the Willow Primary School on Broadwater Farm and the supportive work she does with children with SEND and their families has influenced her choice of charity for the year ahead.

She explains:

In my work with SEND families, I have been part of the lives of people who experience extreme difficulties every single day.

I have seen how having others who feel for them and offer care and support can make a difference to their lives and emotional wellbeing. Simply being able to take a SEND child swimming or to the park can create so much enjoyment and alleviate so much anxiety.

We all see the impact on those who have not been able to access support. These and personal family experiences have heightened my awareness of mental health issues and helped me recognise mental ill-health in our communities, schools and on our streets.

I have therefore chosen Mind in Haringey as my charity for this coming year. Mind is a wonderful charity that offers a range of services to our residents, including a safe haven crisis hub, counselling and suicide prevention advice.

Like many other mental health charities, Mind endure financial insecurity. Funding is not guaranteed yet they provide invaluable services. I seek to highlight their achievements and challenges.
Having been a ward Cllr for Bruce Castle for a little over two years now, Cllr Jameson has “met hundreds of good people and seen their many wonderful achievements.”

However, now with the borough-wide role of Mayor, the opportunities for engagement and interaction with even more Haringey businesses, community groups and residents have increased significantly still further.

Cllr Jameson added:

I’m amazed at the vibrancy and generosity of Haringey. It is a beautiful and green place to live and work.

I will seek to discover, understand and embrace all that the people of Haringey offer.

I seek to serve all our residents and I humbly thank you for this opportunity and your support as I take up this role of first citizen of Haringey.

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