A change of heart

As the summer approaches and the weather changes, should we not do the same? The trees and flowers bloom and are full of vibrant colour that seem to bewitch us with all its fascinating beauty. I feel we should do the same; adding some colour can change and transform how we feel. A little dazzling colour can brighten our mood, give us some motivation and confidence in what we want to achieve.
Changing hair with permanent colour may be a little drastic for some, so a little experimentation with some spray in or chalk colour, can be a good start since they wash out. They are simple to use and come in a variety of natural colours such as vivid blues, pinks, mauves and reds. They can be applied to the tips or an area or areas like highlighted streaks of colour. This works well for temporary colour change for fun and special occasions.
Another way is to use ‘clip in’ hair extensions. These come in shades of colour like ombre which is a shade of colour that graduates into another blended chosen colour, be it natural shades or bright colours.
There are also hair extensions with highlights, lowlights, and some with a mix of light and dark shades of colour.
Hair bands of faux hair with colour are basically a hair band of colour to tie hair up with a little faux curls or straight hair on bands that can be put into a ponytail of natural hair. These come with highlighted hair colour variations and are great for instant temporary change.
All the above are a great way to discover if real permanent hair dye colour change is wanted and what will suit. The skin goes more sallow in its colour tone as we mature, so taking note, that what once may have suited us when we were in our younger years, may not suit us as we get older, and in the professional hair world, the advice of a couple of shades lighter than your original natural hair colour of younger years is advised.
Along with hair colour change, a bright lipstick or a bright nail polish or maybe both can be effective; bright corals, reds and pinks give us reminders of the bright coloured flowers that we see. Lipstick colour is so simple and can be changed frequently to go with clothing colour choice – a pink dress or top and a splash of pink lip colour to enhance it. These are simple choices that will create the mood change we need.
Clothing or splashes of colour within clothing can do the same, so a bright orange, yellow, or lime item of clothing or even accessory, reminds us of the beautiful citrus fruits abundant in the summer. All this should be enough to make us feel great and full of zest to enjoy life.
Create your surroundings with colour that makes you feel good personally. Apply the colour in the space around you, be it bright sky blue, fresh grass or leaf green. Use colour to make you happy. It really can work for you.
Light and bright colours like red or pink are known to release dopamine, which is known as the ‘feel good hormone’ which can heighten our attention span and even improve libido. The cool blues and greens have been linked to the release of oxytocin, which can make you feel calm.
Create a world of colour.

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x

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