Committee members of St.John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, Hornsey,  are appealing to members of the public and parishioners for the return of the portable icon of Saint Synesios. 

The hand painted icon was last seen and displayed inside the church on Saturday 25th May, on the eve of the saint’s day veneration. The Church committee noticed the icon was missing the following morning.

 The icon is the private property of Enfield Councillor Chris Joannides and is kept in his home. Since 2014, the icon of Saint Synesios is brought to the Church a day before his feast day (26th May) to be venerated by the faithful.

The missing icon has been reported to the Police ( Crime number: 01/397843/24) and the Archdiocese. The icon has no monetary value but is sentimental to the owner’s family.  Anyone who has any information can contact a member of the Church committee on 0208 348 7104.

Saint Synesios is local Cypriot saint and  the patron of the occupied village of Rizokarpaso and is regarded as the protector of the Karpasia Peninsula. Numerous miracles are reported that were performed through his intercessions, most notably with those who suffer from dysuria

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