AKEL demands explanations for the incident at Makarios Hospital
9 May 2024, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia
AKEL Political Bureau member and Head of Health Policy, Dr Chrysanthos Georgiou, today handed over to the Health Minister Mihali Damianos, a letter in which AKEL asks for explanations on material circulating on the internet. The video in question shows a far-right ELAM party leading member entering the Makarios Hospital passing a human shield giving a Nazi salute.
The letter to the Minister of Health is reproduced in full:
“Honourable Minister,
There is audiovisual material circulating on the internet in which an ELAM party leading member is shown entering the entrance of Makarios Hospital passing a human shield that gives a Nazi salute to deliver the flame of the Holy Light to the nursing staff.
The sensitive area of the country’s pediatric hospital became the theatre of such an event without any respect for the place, its purposes, the vulnerable hospitalized children and their parents.
Moreover, serious questions arise for which AKEL calls for answers:
1. Who gave permission for this event to take place?
2. Were the state health services OCYPY aware of the event? If so, we request the relevant correspondence.
3. What action will the Minister of Health, as the political head, take to investigate the incident?
4. If permission was not given by the Central Administration of OCYPY, who approved the event at the Makarios site and why did the Hospital Administration not intervene to stop the event?
I hope for your immediate response.”

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