Roanna Maharaj has been recognized for her excellent work in various fields. Here are some details about her achievements:
Roanna holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology, both with distinction. She commenced her PhD and doctorate research at the tender age of 21, one of the youngest patients to be offered a scholarship based on her outstanding achievements.
Roanna was born with thalassaemia major, a rare blood disorder that affects the production of haemoglobin. She has required blood transfusions throughout her life to manage her symptoms. Shortly after her 22nd birthday, she developed a severe allergic reaction to the main thing keeping her alive- blood transfusions. This affected her greatly and as it was extremely rare, even the top experts for thalassaemia were unable to diagnose and treat the reactions.
Her case was then referred to experts worldwide and after years of not being able to get answers on how to treat the reactions, a team of international experts were invited to meet with experts from various other fields in London. They were then able to identify some of the issues and possible medication, which were used to reduce the reactions. What was remarkable was that Roanna’s blood requirements were the highest for any thalassaemia patient in the UK, as she received over 248 units of red blood cells in one year.
Roanna has been actively involved with the UK Thalassaemia Society, a charity that supports individuals with thalassaemia. She has served as a trustee and spokesperson for the organization, advocating for patients and raising awareness about the condition. Despite facing the medical issues that forced her to take a break from her studies, Roanna has been volunteering for UKTS on a full-time basis for the past six years. She has represented the charity at major events and has been responsible for most of their medical and scientific submissions during that period.
We were extremely proud to attend the Enfield Council to receive the lifetime achievement award presented to Roanna Maharaj at the Enfield Council’s awards ceremony.

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