The Foreign Ministry of United Arab Emirates announced that 400 tonnes of food have reached Ashdod port via Larnaca in Cyprus to meet the needs of the people of Gaza.

In a press release issued on Sunday, the UAE Foreign Ministry says that the country has partnered with the American Near East Refugee Aid (Anera) “to scale the humanitarian assistance to the brotherly people of Gaza and address the humanitarian crisis”.

“Today, 400 tonnes of food have reached Ashdod port via Larnaca in Cyprus to be loaded into trucks and head to Gaza to deliver urgently needed aid to meet the needs of the people of Gaza”, says the announcement.

The UAE’s Minister of State for International Cooperation Reem Al Hashimy, underscored the country’s commitment to cooperation with international partners in addressing the tragic humanitarian conditions faced by civilians in Gaza.

“There remains a critical need – today more than ever – to deliver lifesaving humanitarian relief to the Gaza Strip. By land, air and sea, the UAE continues to seek all possible avenues to provide urgent humanitarian aid and food to the Strip”, she said.

Anera CEO and President Sean Carroll expressed gratitude for the partnership with the UAE Government in delivering crucial aid to Palestinians in Gaza. Carroll emphasized the significance of this shipment, hoping it would mark the beginning of numerous deliveries comprising thousands of tons of aid. He stressed the urgency of reaching areas in the north where many face severe risk of starvation. Carroll highlighted Anera’s substantial efforts, noting that since mid-October, they have provided over 24 million meals in Gaza. He stressed the critical nature of this partnership, stating that it would serve millions more at a very critical moment.

The UAE reaffirmed its dedication to backing all humanitarian efforts in collaboration with the global community to mitigate the crisis. The Foreign Ministry of the country expressed gratitude for the support provided by the Government of Cyprus and the Amalthea Initiative.

To date, the UAE has delivered more than 31,000 tons of urgent supplies, including food, relief and medical items, dispatched through 250 flights, 38 airdrops, 1,160 trucks, and three ships, the announcement concludes.

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