Larnaka Tourism Board – Spring News 2024


Spring is blooming in the Larnaka region, where holiday makers can enjoy warm temperatures ideal for walking, exploring and visiting unique festivals. Highlights include:

Saint Lazarus’ procession during Greek Orthodox Easter

Greek Easter is one of the most important holidays in Cyprus and Greece and visitors in late April/early May can enjoy spectacular celebrations such as the annual Agios Lazaros (Saint Lazarus) procession on April 27 at 6.30pm. This is held eight days before Easter and is a grand affair. After the church service, a procession led by the priest tours the saint’s icon and relics around the old city streets accompanied by people, groups and bands that herald the procession. A fete is held at the square by the church. Easter Monday (6 May) events are also held in villages across the region. Customs include playing yard games, complimentary drinks and local nibbles, and folkloric entertainment, and visitors can also enjoy a glimpse into traditional village life.

Explore the traditional charms of Piale Pasha after new upgrades completed

The Piale Pasha area of Larnaka has been given a makeover. This historic area includes the Turkish Cypriot quarter and bridges Foinikoudes (Palm Tree) Promenade and Mckenzie Beach. The Piale Pasha coastal road is lined with old houses, restaurants, bars and cafes whilst the parallel old streets host the Larnaka Art Workshops Neighbourhood. The two projects below were completed at the start of 2024:

  • Piale Pasha House Facades – The facades of the traditional houses have been restored and painted in a Cypriot colour palette, bringing a bright and fresh look to the popular coastal road whilst maintaining its unique and quaint charm and heritage.
  • Mediterranean Park – The new park square nestled in the streets of the Larnaka Art Workshops Neighbourhood has been redesigned with water features, benches and covered areas. This area began with a cluster of art workshops open to the public, and is included in a free guided walking tour that takes place every Wednesday.

Escape the city to walk and cycle in Rizoelia National Forest Park

Rizoelia National Forest Park, 7km from Larnaka city, is a natural oasis covering 97 hectares of protected conservation area. There are 100 plant species and varieties, including very rare ones spotted here for the first time on the island, four Cypriot tree species: Turkish pines, stone pines, acacias and ancient cypresses, plus the park is home to birds, reptiles and mammals, including hares.

The park features multiple walking and cycling trails. Visitors can choose to park in the foothills and walk or cycle onwards or there is parking for the picnic area at the top of the park. A cafe with outdoor seating offers panoramic views and the picnic area has wooden, covered benches, flanked by children’s play/sport’s area and public toilets. It’s well worth a trip out of the city.

Dive into bee-keeping traditions in the ‘bee’-autiful Honey Villages

Bees are vital for the planet. Almost 90% of wild plants and 75% of leading global crops depend on animal pollination[i]. Visiting the Rural Larnaka Honey Villages offers fascinating insight into these incredible insects. Nine villages share a sweet tradition of beekeeping and honey production, and offer family-friendly activities or attractions. Highlights include:

  • The Vavatsinia Honeybee Trail – a 5km bee-themed natural trail with an educational and healing experience centered on the therapeutic sound of bee humming.
  • Be a Beekeeper for a Dayis a fun and educational programme in Vavla village. Participants don beekeeper suits to visit the apiary and can also enjoy a honey and local produce picnic and other associated activities such as crafts with beeswax.
  • Honey production tours and tastings – Visitors can learn about the process of bottling raw, local honey and all its health benefits, as well as trying apitherapy (inhalation of beehive air, believed to contribute to wellbeing and a treatment for various conditions).
  • Kato Drys Bee & Embroidery Museumcombines beekeeping exhibits with other exhibits related to historic life and pastimes in the village, housed in a traditional residence. The museum is part of the Larnaka Virtual Museums series and can also be explored online.
  • Making bee hotels – Layia Village Crafts in Lageia village offers workshops on making bee hotelsout of recycled and natural materials, as well as other themed crafts.


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