Massive success the film Leventis directed by Dimitri Papazachariou , main actors’ Chris Evangelou and Lucy Christofi Christy

In his search for guidance, a troubled young man turns to his grandmother, who appears to be grappling with senility and dementia. Through their conversation, she imparts profound wisdom, revealing the origins of the common Greek term “Leventi Mou,” symbolizing bravery, adventure and rebirth.

As he leaves her, the encounter leaves him with a newfound sense of hope, but the stark reality of the visit raises profound questions about the world around him and his own place within it.

Dimitri Papazachariou graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a 1st Class Honours in Film Production. Working within the industry for 10 years, Dimitri has gained a wealth of experience in feature films, television production and online media while working for Google within their YouTube studios. Over the last 6 years, he has worked for an Employer Branding creative agency called Wiser, during his time he co-founded the film’s team and crafted his experience as a Director. working with clients such as BBC, Tesla, Just Eat, Kraft Heinz, On Running and many more

After the success of his award winning short film “Hindsight”, he embarked on a new short project “Leventis” which screened in March at the Phoenix cinema in Finchley of 200+ people.

Director Statement

After the resounding success (and utter shock and surprise) of my latest award-winning short film, I found myself compelled to integrate two pivotal aspects of my life: technology and my Greek heritage. Despite my initial disbelief, the film managed to clinch an impressive total of seven awards and received recognition nine times—a feat that left me both humbled and amazed. With this unexpected acclaim, I embarked on a journey to create a narrative that would resonate universally, exploring the profound impact of technology on human emotions and experiences. The intriguing ‘what if’ scenarios inherent in technology have always captivated me, and I endeavoured to intertwine these elements with relatable human themes.

Chris Evangelou Christopher Evangelou is a former boxer and now actor known for The Gentlemen (2019), Shadow Boxer (2019) and Card Dead.Chris has also appeared in the TV Series East Enders.

Actress Lucy Christofi Christy is known for An Unsuitable Boy (2008), The Road to Ithaca (1999) and Smoking Guns (2016).
Appeared in the TV Series Sunburn, House of Cards and the Bill

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