AKEL: The Holy Synod decision to reinstate the then Kyrenia Bishop Kyprianos has caused anger
16 January 2024, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia
We express our regret, anger and condemnation for the decision taken by the Holy Synod to reinstate the former Bishop of Kyrenia Kyprianos who was deposed for his participation in the ecclesiastical coup d’état that was organised against President Makarios in 1972.
We wonder, what is the purpose of the decision taken by the Holy Synod and what messages does it send out, at a time when we can all see every day the outcome of such illegal and destructive actions for our country, such as the ecclesiastical coup d’état, on the occupied Pentadaktylos mountain range?
The erroneous decision by the Holy Synod provokes anger and indignation among our people, who, half a century after the coup d’état and the invasion, continue to suffer from the Turkish occupation and de facto division.
It provokes anger and indignation among all those who defended democracy and the constitutional order/legitimacy in our country, when persons such as the deposed Metropolitan Kyprianos undermined it from within, even participating later in the inauguration of the eight-day coupist so-called “president” Sampson, which proves that he remained unrepentant.

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