So many people get themselves in such a fluster over the festive season, preparing the home for the occasion and then gathering in all the traditional food groceries and drink. Often people end up eating food that they wouldn’t even normally bother with, or are not particularly even keen on, but do it anyway because it is traditional. Some people do it so as not to insult the host or cook of a party gathering, however that doesn’t do your health any favours, so just saying “no” when you don’t really want it, is essential here.
There are some people who struggle when it comes to food and just can’t say no, even when they know they have reached full point. Often it is about our mind; the mind plays tricks on us when our eyes are looking at the food that previously had lusciously satisfied our taste buds to our delectable pleasure. The want for more, of what had given us such delectation, becomes a focused requirement for another desire for that fix of fulfilment.
Gaining control of any weakness of the mind can create a power fix of its own, embracing the challenge and turning the weakness into a strength creates an empowerment in itself, especially when others try to entice you to follow part of their own lapses. So if anyone tries to steer you in their direction when they offer you that piece of cake that you don’t really want, and you hear the old cliche of ” just this once, won’t hurt”, if you don’t really want or need it, say “no”, it can honestly make you feel great because you have taken control.
Everything you want foodwise, there is a lighter and healthier version available to either buy or make yourself. I have not eaten a shop bought cake since I was seventeen – I really don’t miss it, it is all a case of reprogramming the mind along with taste buds.
When I fancy a cake, I make it myself with a sugar alternative like fructose or stevia, which is even sweeter than sugar. I can also choose what oil or type of milk to use.
With air fryers now, we don’t need lots of oil to make chips or those potato roasties – that old way of cooking has become a thing of the past. Fancy a doughnut or churro, there are machines available that allow us to make all those luxury things we like with good quality ingredients and no unnecessary additives and preservatives. There are pie, waffle, samosa makers, the list is endless, there is no excuse really for buying all those sugar and fat laden ready-made foods, when with a little energy burning effort, you can make your own. Is your good health not worth that little extra effort?
When it comes to drink, remember that there are sugar free choices available, be it a juice, cordial or fizzy pop drinks. Going for alcohol and adding those sugar free mixers can make a big difference, especially if you are having quite a few on that occasion.
Eat like a bodybuilder – some bodybuilders have a five on two off approach which just means they will eat strict throughout the week and then eat some of what they fancy at the weekend. This works for some people.
Whatever you decide, being sensible and doing everything in moderation, combine it with learning to say “no” when your mind or other people try to tempt you, not allowing yourself to fall for it, doing what you want and what you believe is the right thing for you personally, can be the best gift for your wellbeing to yourself.

Your health is your wealth !
Merry Christmas.

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x
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