Statements by AKEL Political Bureau and Secretariat member Aristos Damianou:
Military units and forces have been camped in Cyprus that shouldn’t be here
7 November 2023, ‘Astra’ radio station
Any assistance the Republic of Cyprus can provide to the Palestinian people is a move in the right direction, but this is where the bizarre things start for the President of the Republic and the political parties that support him, AKEL Political Bureau member Aristos Damianou pointed out to ‘Astra’ radio station.
At the same time, A.Damianou said, the question arises as to why the Republic of Cyprus abstained on the UN Security Council Resolution for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.
The AKEL Political Bureau member criticized the government for proceeding to actions that affect the Cypriot people without having informed the political parties about the President’s initiative, while at the same time countries and foreign leaders are constantly being informed.
Furthermore, A.Damianou also wondered whether the government’s handlings are leading to Cyprus becoming a part of the problem, given that it has agreed to its territory being used to provide military assistance for one side, while military contingents and forces that should not be in our country have been camped here.
It is incomprehensible, the AKEL Political Bureau member said, that the Republic of Cyprus is addressing the Secretary General of the UN Antonio Guterres calling for a resumption of the dialogue for a solution to the Cyprus problem, but when Mr.Guterres denounces what is happening in the Gaza Strip, it itself is acting based on double standards.

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