Excavations across Cyprus this year have unearthed the remains of 14 missing persons, according to The Committee on Missing Persons (CMP).

The recovered remains were found in Kyrenia, Yerolakkos, Yipsou, Kythrea, Asomatos and Aloa and have been sent to the anthropological laboratory of the committee to be identified.

According to the latest information from the CMP, ongoing excavations are taking place at five locations: Assia, Aloa, Lapithos, Lefkonoiko, and Peristerona.

Additionally, plans for further excavations, notably in a military zone in Kyrenia, are pending approval from the authorities controlling the area.

The difficulty in pinpointing precise locations has been acknowledged, with past excavations near Kyrenia yielding no conclusive findings, the CMP said.

The anticipation is that the ongoing excavation in a specific area will reveal the remains of more than one individual, the CMP added.

The CMP said that it has overseen 60 excavations this year.

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