Do you want to give back to your community? That’s exactly what a PCSO from Hertford decided when she applied to join Hertfordshire Constabulary.

PCSO Abbie Brackenbury sadly lost her younger brother in a fatal road traffic collision on the A414 in January 2021, caused by another driver travelling at excess speed.

Following the positive experience and support she received from Hertfordshire officers, this was the turning point for Abbie where she decided she wanted to give back to her community and make a difference.

Being a parent to two young children, Abbie was looking for part-time work when she came across the role of a PCSO. She said: “I wanted to do as many hours as I could, but I needed to balance ‘mum life’. I submitted an application for just over 30 hours during the interview stages and this was all in place before my training commenced.

“Working part-time helps with my work-life balance. I am able to do the school runs and have time at weekends for my family, whilst still carrying out a good range of hours to have a career.”

Reflecting on what she enjoys most about being a PCSO, Abbie said: “I love engaging with young people. I think it’s really important they know that they can talk to us if they need to. There are lots of opportunities to engage with young people, whether this is by being present in the local park or attending primary schools and delivering talks.

“You can really put your own stamp on the role too. I have recently launched a programme in schools called C.A.L (Collisions and Loss) after my brother Callum. It’s a thought-provoking presentation aimed at new drivers, using a real-life story to demonstrate the impact and to educate drivers, keeping both themselves and others safe on the roads.”

Two years into the role, she added: “The job is great fun and I’ve never looked back! Every day is different and there’s a lot of variety. You can plan your own day, whilst being flexible to respond to the jobs that are called in. Being a PCSO gives you that insight into policing without being a PC, but you also get some great benefits too – we don’t work night shifts or bank holidays. My little one’s love telling their friends their mummy is catching baddies like Spiderman! I would definitely recommend this role to anyone who is looking for a new challenge.”

If you’d like to find out more about the role of a PCSO, please visit: Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) | Hertfordshire Constabulary (

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