Three generations of Neophytous, Spyros (Father), Jonathan (Son) and Dimitri (Grandson) are excited to take on the tarmac of Greece in November to raise money for Huntington’s disease (HD) research.

HD is a devastating neurodegenerative condition that currently has no cure or effective treatment to slow it down.

HD research at UCL has a vision of a world in which HD is no longer something families have to worry about. Their research spans the full range from lab research to understanding HD, through to the development of innovative new treatments and leading the world in clinical trial design and execution.

Collectively, they plan to run over 60km on the weekend of 11th November, with Spyros and Dimitri taking on the 10km race in Athens and Jonathan trying his luck at running the original marathon route.

The three of them would be hugely grateful if you would consider making a donation towards this important research which is very close to their hearts.

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Thank you so much for your support!

S, J, D x

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