Strong call from the Cypriot businessman John Christodoulou: We all need to help more, to make the lives of the children better.
Six new projects were inaugurated by the Philanthropic Foundation ‘Yianis Christodoulou Foundation’ in Special Public schools of Cyprus
Six new projects have been inaugurated by the well known Cypriot businessman John Christodoulou, at the presence of the Minister of Education, Youth & Sports, the young entrepreneur and charity advocate Ms. Hannah-Kathleen Hawkshaw and a significant number of Cypriot, such as the Mayor of Larnaca Andreas Vyras, heads of parents’ association, regional inspectors from the Ministry of Education, other local authorities, and more.
Mr. John Christodoulou, a stable supporter of student opportunities and well being, said that the purpose of the projects is to make the lives of our children, better. As he said, “The real heroes are the teaches and helpers of our children with special needs. We often think that our jobs are difficult. Sometimes, I think that my job is difficult. Until we see what you do… We admire you, we appreciate you, we thank you with full respect…”

As the Minister of Education emphasized, “we are very grateful for the consistent support of Mr. John Christodoulou, who comes to support the public schools”. She also clearly praised the work of the teachers and their role in making the lives of these children, better.
The children and their teachers welcomed Mr. John Christodoulou and the other guests with great warmth. In a highly emotional but also joyful and loving atmosphere, the children danced and sang for their guests.
The words of the teaches also revealed the gratitude for the offer of the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation. As they said, “thank you for your generous offer of money for our projects, but even more, we thank you for giving opportunities to the students to become creative. What you do is admirable and makes a huge impact. Your help has transformed the children’s lives”.
According to the school masters, the activity of Mr. John Christodoulou has become institutional: “Mr. Christodoulou has helped elevate several steps, the Special Education in Cyprus”.
The new projects are a new sensory room in the Special School of Nicosia, a playground in the Special School “Agios Spyridonas” in Larnaca, a modern outdoor shelter in the Special School “Evangelismos” in Nicosia, a playground in the School for the Blind “Agios Varnavas” in Nicosia, special equipment in the Special School “Apostolos Varnavas” in Liopetri, and an art project in Lanitio Lyceum in Limassol.
The projects bring daily joy, entertainment and advanced educational opportunities to the more than 1,160 students of the above schools.
Mr. John Crhstidoulou concluded by saying that “The children here today, possess a great place in my heart. I can see their struggle, their effort, and their courage. And I can see that they do not give up. Most importantly, however, I can see their smile. And this is the message that I want to send to the children, and to all of us here: Life has many challenges, and this makes us stronger: Each one of us works hard, each one of us with his or her talents, and we never give up. And when I see the children here today to smile, this is when I want to help them more. At the same time, I invite anyone that help them as well, State and everyone else, to assist generously.”

Ms Hannah Kathleen, who is also Miss County Dublin and finalist for ‘Miss Ireland’, charmed the audience with her song “A whole new world” from the Aladdin movie. Her enchanting presence gave courage to the children, to their teachers and their parents.

The offering for these projects to the Special Schools took place after the organization of a special Gala Dinner organized by Mr. John Christodoulou, with the gracious contribution of the now-iconic singer, Anna Vissi. With the money raised at the aforementioned Gala Dinner, all nine (9) Special Schools of Cyprus were supported. The remaining projects are expected to be inaugurated in the near future.
Over 60 projects have been offered by the ‘Yianis Christodoulou Foundation’ so far.
The above-mentioned completed projects add to the list with a plethora of projects that have been carried out mainly in Cyprus but also abroad, with the resources of the ‘Yianis Christodoulou Foundation’.
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