The President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides, announced on Thursday evening projects in the free Famagusta district to achieve development in the region, worth millions of euros.

Addressing a gathering in Agia Napa for the municipalities and communities of the region on Thursday, he also said his and his ministers are ready to listen and take any possible actions to achieve the development of the region.

He added, “our goal is to improve the lives of the residents of the region and to assist in the full utilisation of the comparative advantages that the region possesses”. He emphasized that it is a fact that “the free Famagusta district is an underserved district in terms of support it has received from the state, especially when compared to the other districts of Cyprus”.

President Christodoulides said “despite the fact that after the Turkish invasion of 1974, 85% of the Famagusta district remains under occupation, the district not only survived but developed to such an extent that it substantially contributes to the country’s economy and Cyprus’ tourism product, accounting for more than 30% of tourist arrivals in our country.”

President Christodoulides described the Paralimni Marina as a “significant project,” where the port works are expected to be completed in February 2024, and the land-based works in the summer of 2024. He also said that “the construction of the new Paralimni Gymnasium is scheduled to commence by 2025, and the development of the Children’s Club is in progress”.

Furthermore, he continued, “there are projects with a total budget of approximately 20 million euros, which have already secured funding through the ‘Thalia 2021 – 2027’ programme and can begin immediately once the processes are completed.

These projects, as he explained, involve the redevelopment of the center of Paralimni, the establishment of a Cultural Hall in Derynia, the creation of a Multifunctional Park in Ayia Napa, the Linear Park in Aheritou, the construction of a new amphitheater in the community of Avgorou, the revitalization and outdoor sports facilities in the Municipality of Sotira, the construction of a public sports area in the Achna community and the construction of a local bypass road network in the ‘Kaminoudia’ area in the Municipality of Sotira.

Furthermore, the President continued, the Kokkinokremos water project is included in the ‘Thalia’ programme aimed at satisfying the water needs of the free Famagusta district and improving the reliability of the drinking water system. The project has a total budget of approximately 29 million euros.

President Christodoulides said he has already given instructions to begin the implementation of the indoor swimming pool in Derynia, the upgrade of the urban center in Frenaros, and the maintenance of the sports center in Paralimni.

At the same time, he addressed the issue of road safety for both locals and visitors in the area, stating that it requires a comprehensive plan since it is a significant aspect, as many accidents in the region are attributed to road construction.

Projects to improve the road network are underway, he said, “with a budget of nearly 30 million euros, which is expected to contribute to enhancing safety in the area”.

The President said the improvement of the Liopetri – Avgorou road, estimated at 6 million euros, and the Derynia – Frenaros road, with a length of 3.5 kilometers, are projects that “can move forward”.

Furthermore, he referred to the improvement of a section of the old Larnaca – Famagusta road, with a length of 1.5 kilometers, a project that started in May 2023 with a budget of 1.123 million euros.

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