It is 50 years since the original film hit the cinemas, which was adapted from William Peter Blatty’s novel and was masterfully directed by William Friedkin. It soon became an international phenomenon and raised the bar by far in horror filmmaking. Now David Gordon Green, the director of the recently resurrected HALLOWEEN trilogy, attempts to do the same here.
The prologue opens during a catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, where Victor Fleming (Leslie Odom Jr) loses his heavily pregnant wife. Their baby daughter is miraculously saved from the wreckage and 15 years later, Victor lives in New Orleans with his now teenage daughter Angela (Lidya Jewett). But when Angela and her friend Katherine (Olivia O’Neil) disappear one day in the woods, a major search begins to find them. Three days later they return but with no memory of what has happened to them…
It is all routine stuff but thankfully Ellen Burstyn returns as Chris MacNeil, still haunted by memories of her daughter Regan’s exorcism. She now offers to share her experience and help the two teenage girls overcome their current predicament. Another plus is the presence of Ann Dowd, who plays nurse Ann – Angela’s neighbour and she, like Chris MacNeil, also offers her services to this devilish situation.
It is all routine stuff and is not as scary as it thinks it is, but overall, it is worth experiencing just for these two leading ladies alone!


Thaddeus O’ Sullivan’s warm-hearted film is based on a story by Jimmy Smallhorne, which takes place in Dublin of 1967.
The small community in Ballygar is mourning the death of their dear friend and relative Maureen, whose last wish was to travel to Lourdes. At her wake her close friends Lily (Maggie Smith, Eileen (Kathy Bates) and Dolly (Agnes O’Casey) win a trip for a pilgrimage to Lourdes. All the women are thrilled with their prize and with the prospect of a personal miracle, until Maureen’s estranged daughter Chrissie (Laura Linney) returns to Dublin following a 40-year absence in America…
This is a delicate, gentle film elegantly directed and exquisitely acted by the stellar cast. And the careful production values evoke the period most effectively.


This family friendly computer animated feature from Canada is based on the television series with the same name and a sequel to the 2021 movie PAW PATROL: THE MOVIE which was made a couple of years ago. Cal Bunker returns as director for this second segment of the franchise, where the PAW PATROL pups are transformed into superheroes following a magical meteor crash in Adventure City…
All the adorable characters are back including Marshall (voice by Christian Corrao), Rubble (Luxton Handpicker) and Rocky (Callum Shoniker). Taraji P. Henson lends her voice to the villainous Victoria Vance, the meteor expert responsible for causing havoc in Adventure City, when her quest to steal back the magical crystals from the pups goes disastrously wrong.
It is a bigger and a more ambitious project than before, and it will give great pleasure to smaller children.


The BFI is celebrating Alfonso Cuaron’s 10th year anniversary with a screening of the newly remastered laser version in 3D IMAX. It is showing as part of BFI’s Sci-fIMAX season and is still one of the cinematic events of this year and beyond and is not to be missed.
The story follows Dr Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), a scientist trapped in space after her spacecraft is destroyed by debris from a satellite…
It is an exciting space adventure that looks as magnificent and as striking in 3D and in IMAX as it was at its original release – if not even better. Bullock delivers her best performance under Cuaron’s masterly direction and gets solid support from George Clooney as her fellow space traveller.
It doesn’t matter how many times you have seen this spellbinding film – do yourself a favour and see it again on this giant screen!


The original television series was one of last year’s most unexpected successes, so inevitably Nick (Kit Connor) and Charlie (Joe Locke) are back, along with their high school friends for one more time.
Just before their exams the young students go on a school trip to Paris, where Nick and Charlie’s relationship begins to blossom and develop even further. Euros Lyn returns as director and once again he elicits winning performances from his young cast and a lovely cameo from Olivia Colman as Nick’s mum.
A stylish, pleasing series that will put a smile on your face! (Netflix)

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