Do you have a groundbreaking idea that could make a real impact on our environment? Join the BarNET ZERO Challenge, where your creativity counts! 🌍

Write a 200-word outline of your idea to help to reduce carbon emissions in one of the following five themes:
1. Waste and sustainable consumption
2. Learning, communication and partnerships
3. Nature and biodiversity
4. Travel
5. Housing, buildings and renewable energy

These themes have been developed from Barnet’s first-ever Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change and Biodiversity – which you can read more about here:

Shortlisted participants will attend workshops receive expert advice and have the chance to win funding and exciting prizes. Find out more and enter at:

Together, your idea could have a lasting impact in creating a more sustainable Barnet for future generations and achieving our goal of being a net zero carbon borough by 2042 🏑

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