An event to celebrate and reunite Cypriots who have studied in the Czech Republic (or former Czechoslovakia) was held on Monday at the Residence of an Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Cyprus.

“The Czech Embassy wants not only to reunite former Cypriot students but also to contribute to spreading the great reputation of Czech Universities and attracting new Cypriot students to study in the Czech Republic, to be successful in their future careers,” the Embassy says in a press release.

It adds that among the attendees were also vice rectors of top Czech universities, Mr.Křivan from Charles University and Mr. Brizman from Masaryk University as well as esteemed guests from Cypriot universities.

The Czech Embassy expresses hope that the event not only helps Cypriots reconnect and remember their student years but also helps foster connections among academic communities of our both respective countries.

“We believe that education and academia are some of the best ways to foster good relations between our two nations. We look forward to welcoming more Cypriot students to the Czech Republic, so the next event is even livelier”, the embassy notes.

It adds that Cyprus students in the Czech Republic represent a strong bond between our two countries adding that more than two hundred of them study at Czech universities, thousands graduated in the past and nearly a hundred new ones enrolled this year.

The tradition of Cypriot students studying in the Czech Republic (that time Czechoslovakia) started nearly 50 years ago, in the second half of the 1970s of the last century. Since then, the number of students has gradually increased up to today approximately 200 students a year.

Among many programs in English, students of medicine and veterinary medicine prevail but there is a growing interest in pharmacy, engineering, IT, social sciences, and other fields of study, which the Embassy is proud to help promote, it says.

The Czech Republic is renowned globally for its top-tier education, offering degrees in several programs such as medicine, engineering, humanities, business and social sciences, the Embassy adds.

Moreover, it says that by studying in Czech universities, Cypriot students can acquire an education recognized worldwide in their preferred fields, while enjoying a relatively lower educational cost and living expenses in the Czech Republic than in other European countries.

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