Exploring its strengths beyond travel access, including taxes, global reputation, and more

Cyprus’s passport is currently the 21st most powerful globally, with a total score of 104.00. This ranking considers not only travel opportunities but also taxation, global reputation, dual citizenship policies, and personal freedom.

To evaluate the travel aspect, which was 50% of the score, experts analyzed data from sources like the IATA and the Henley Index. They assessed how many countries a Cyprus passport holder can visit without a visa, with a visa upon arrival, or through an electronic travel authorization (eTA). Cyprus received a Travel score of 168, indicating access to 168 different destinations without needing a visa, visa on arrival, or an eTA. Additionally, 82 places require either a physical visa or an eVisa.

Cyprus scored 30 in the taxation category, which was 20% of the score, reflecting its willingness to let citizens relocate to reduce their tax burden.

10% of the score reflects how welcoming other countries are to people from Cyprus. Cyprus received a score of 40, indicating that its citizens typically receive a warm welcome abroad.

Another 10% of the score assesses the ease with which Cyprus citizens can have two passports. Cyprus scored 50, signifying that dual citizenship is usually not a problem.

And finally, the Freedom score (another 10%), indicates the level of personal freedom enjoyed by Cyprus citizens. Cyprus earned a score of 50, reflecting substantial personal freedom.

So, while Cyprus’s passport ranks 21st in the world, it’s essential to consider more than just travel. The ranking also takes into account taxation policies, global perception, dual citizenship opportunities, and the freedom enjoyed by its citizens. Cyprus remains an attractive option for those seeking personal freedom, travel possibilities, and a savvy approach to taxes.

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  1. Simos says:

    That would be great but Cyprus does not allow people over a certain age with Cypriot heritage to hold both Cypriot and British passports. The cut off date is sometime in early 1960.
    Anyone born before this date is supposed to give up British citizenship.

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