“Cypriots in the City,” the association that brings together Cypriot professionals, from all communities in Cyprus, hosted a career panel discussion attended by 85 Cypriot students with aspirations to work for top professional services firms in the city. This event, held on Tuesday 3rd October, at the London School of Economics, drew students from various Cypriot Societies representing different universities.
The panel featured Cypriot professionals working at prestigious firms in fields such as law, consulting, banking, venture capital, and private equity. The primary goal of the session was to demystify these professions and provide insights into how to apply for jobs in these areas, giving students a clear understanding of what to expect in their future careers and how to succeed in breaking into these competitive industries.
During the panel discussion, experts offered a live breakdown and analysis of example CVs, sharing best practices and delivering advice and anecdotes relevant to their respective industries. These insights ignited enthusiasm among the students, preparing them for their future careers with a newfound sense of readiness.
Following the panel discussion, an informal networking event provided students with the opportunity to engage one-on-one with the panellists and receive personalised advice tailored to their individual career plans. This personal touch was a highlight of the evening, offering students a unique chance to connect directly with experienced professionals.
“Cypriots in the City” remains dedicated to ensuring that the next generation of Cypriot leaders is well-prepared for success in various fields. The organisation achieves this by providing a platform for individuals to meet, learn, and find mentors.

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