For those that live in the fast pace of work or city life, trying to switch off does not come easy. Many eat, sleep and breath work in such a routine action, almost forgetting how to actually let go and enjoy some down time. Many people find this when they go on vacation, or take a short break away from home, as though life will break down because we are not physically there to do what we normally do in order to personally take care of things. Being so self-reliant, that to actually let go of some of the stresses and delegate, often becomes difficult because of feeling one is putting the burden upon another or surrendering control and relinquishing all independent responsibility.
Life of course won’t fall apart if we leave and can rely on the right people with like-minded thinking and of reliable capability, almost like hiring yourself a good personal assistant who you feel quite confident in and know they can make good judgement calls when required to do so. If we have a couple of these people around us, this can make life so much easier for delay stressing, however if we employ the wrong people or simply don’t have any such people around to rely on, it can become almost impossible to completely relax and unwind.
When there isn’t people that you can genuinely rely on, with a good brain on them, or those that do have, but you just don’t want to bother them, sometimes just having them as the back-up plan just in case of an emergency, can be mind settling. Another way of releasing some stress is to be so strategic and methodical in planning ahead for the ‘what could happen’ scenario, and although it may sound extreme to many, it can often be a saviour to others.

Ways to relax

1. Find a distraction, a distraction will help the mind move away the concentrated thoughts of what’s troubling.
2. Ask for help, even if it is assistance, only as a last resort action plan. This alleviates the ‘worst thing that can happen’ possibility.
3. Live in the moment and stop overthinking on mistakes, problems and what could be. Intelligent people are prone to overthinking because they are naturally curious and analytical, they tend to over analyse and second question themselves on their choices or action plan. Overthinking sets you up for a vicious cycle that will be hard to break. It will totally break your peace of mind as it becomes exhausting in making decisions.
4. Acknowledge your successes and be happy with your achievements so far, this in itself should empower you, knowing you have the capability to progress further with more to follow on in the future.
5. Look at the bigger picture, embrace your fears and take the initiative to step forward and action any desired goals and plans in mind.
6. Go back to nature or a place that makes you happy for some clear thinking, then write down priority order of action plan to achieve desired outcome.
7. Learn to meditate, deep breath and exhale correctly to declutter the mind. When calm, think about how attitude and effort can make the difference now and in the future.
8. Most problems have a solution, but you need a fresh minded approach on it, so make sure there is good quality sleep to help this process.

Clear your mind and be prepared for the unexpected.

Love and sparkles
Samsara x
Facebook: Samsara Kyriakou

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