The government must provide an answer as to whether it has decided to close the chapter of its responsibilities for the handling of last month’s pogroms that took place in Chloraka and Limassol. It must provide an answer as to whether it considers that it does not owe an explanation to the Cypriot people.
Has the government decided on its own that no one bears any responsibility for that tragic handling of the events?
Has it also decided that neither will it accept or apportion responsibilities for the failure of the state to protect citizens and their properties from far-right violence?
We wonder whether President Christodoulides, who was angry and felt ashamed in front of TV cameras, is now satisfied?
The government claims that it wants to look ahead so that such incidents are not repeated from happening again. But the government will fail on this issue too if it does not first acknowledge who and what failed in those days and, of course, how and why we got to the racist pogroms.

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