UK Cypriot Alexia Chellun is a versatile artist; she produces music across multiple genres touching listeners all over the world.

A unique aspect of Alexia’s music is how she weaves themes of self-healing, the law of attraction and relaxation into her accessible and catchy music style. Her soothing and uplifting voice resonates deeply. For some people it offers sanctuary during challenging times.

Her critically acclaimed song The Power Is Here Now has 15 million streams and counting. She has also self-released 7 albums, 7 EP’s and 3 singles in a productive 15 year journey. Alexia was invited to present at TEDx Cumbernauld Women in 2021, as an inspirational person. She has performed across Europe and the USA, and at various festivals, retreats and other events.

Alexia was born in the UK into a Greek Cypriot / Mauritian family; her mother from Limassol with a home life steeped in musical and cultural influences that continues to accompany and enrich her music. As a kid, she was always making up songs and tinkering on the piano and first picked up a guitar sitting around a fire with friends in the Sussex countryside. She has travelled extensively always making her home wherever she lands.

Alexia lets her free flowing and innately trusting nature guide her creative process and lyrical narratives. Her music reflects her open hearted and playful nature. She’s as curious about the deepest philosophies of life as she is the latest football scores.

I’m Ready, Alexia’s latest album has just been released and she is currently on her European tour 2023. She will perform in Amsterdam on Friday 22 September, in Dublin on Saturday 23 September, in Manchester on Wednesday 27 September and in London on Friday 29 September. For tickets, please visit




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