The overtime scandal offends common sense and provokes society
19 September 2023, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia
The overtime scandal regarding overtime pay for the deputy Government Spokesperson, but also the first lady herself is an unprecedented anti-institutional and unethical practice that offends common sense and every notion of good administration.
It is also an enormous provocation to Cypriot society. There is supposedly no money for social measures to confront poverty, but there is plenty of money to pay the President’s chosen ones for attending funerals, memorial services and receptions.
Mr. Christodoulides shouldn’t hide. He is the one who must give an answer why the Presidency was issuing the invoices for overtime pay of the Government Spokesperson and the first lady’s private secretary. Furthermore, as far as the parties supporting the Christodoulides government are concerned, they should stop hiding and take a stand on the matter.
Are these the new manners and new style of governing that Nikos Christodoulides promised to bring to the country?

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