AKEL: The government must not turn its back on Limassol
The state should support the housing project for 600 families
15 September 2023, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia
The big project for the construction of 600 housing units in Limassol that would have housed low-income families is now up in the air due to the lack of funding.
As everyone knows, the previous government had made the funding of the Cyprus Land Development Corporation dependent on the ‘golden’ passport programme and as a result, it is now unable to meet its commitments and fulfill its mission. The present government refuses to support financially the implementation of this much-needed project that will bring relief to the local community, while, of course, it can at the same time find funds for hiring consultants and undersecretaries [for the Presidency] on a daily basis.
AKEL calls on the government not to turn its back on Limassol and the hundreds of families who will acquire housing through this programme. The state must assume its responsibility and support the implementation of the project itself.
This issue is just another proof that the country suffers from the lack of a comprehensive and socially oriented housing policy. AKEL has submitted to Cypriot society and to the state itself a comprehensive proposal on housing, with the central axis being the establishment of a Central Housing Policy Body that will undertake all coordination and policy-making on an issue that has become a nightmare for the overwhelming majority of society, young couples, students, vulnerable groups of the population and the refugees.

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