Sexual allure

Looking good and feeling desirable goes hand in hand with feeling happy and comfortable with oneself, giving confidence and oozing sex appeal. So keeping yourself fit and healthy and looking your best is all part of a good sex life too.
Let’s take a look at the benefits of a healthy sex life – it aids better sleep, helps a better immune system, decreases anxiety and depression, can improve relationships as it lifts mood, lowers blood pressure, increases better heart health, can act as immediate natural pain relief, helps improve a better immune system and increases libido, as the more one has, the more is wanted. It is like going to the gym; once you get going with all that exercise and the adrenaline rush it leaves you with, the more you want to do, to keep up the buzz.
Sexual desire may wane and become less interesting if one has settled in the habit of non-activity. Sex is a very individualized thing in the first place, so what one person considers to be a normal amount may be way too often or too little for another person.
New lovers can often be besieged with possible insecurity and fear of rejection in different ways, and it can have a negative impact on sex, so being comfortable with the person can often mean one starts to let go of inhibitions, while others may have so much respect for another, it takes time to unravel their true desires. Either way, working it out, is what counts.
The average Brit and American has sex fifty-six times a year, but a survey sponsored by Durex showed that Greeks were the most active weekly, with 164 times a year, while the Brazilians were at 145 times. Polish and Russian people follow in third place at 143 a year. The least active were the Japanese at just 48 times.
26,000 people from 26 countries took part in the survey to chart what constitutes to intimate well-being, replying to questions on everything concerning their sex. It showed that Nigerians are the world’s most sexually satisfied.
During sexual arousal, pupils of the eyes dilate, facial lips plump and engorge with blood assisting in sexual desirability; we emulate this with lipstick and eyeliner as it gives a similar effect. The body works with muscles that contract and tense rhythmically, the heart rate gets faster and the increase of blood flow with a surge of nitric oxide that makes all the body super active with sensitivity. This can decrease with age, smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise.
The hormones oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels affect the sex life and can vary during the course of a lifetime and from day to day. Higher amounts of testosterone has been linked to higher libido. High levels are common in younger men and athletes using steroids, also women who are on oestrogen therapies with testosterone for menopause. However libido is also high in fit men and women. Those who have higher, more muscle and less fat ratio start to produce more testosterone.

Ways to increase libido:
– Get physically active and fit
– Lowering body fat
– Reducing stress
– Get quality sleep
– Avoid smoking
– Weight training for muscle
– Cut down on sugar
– Get sufficient Vitamin D
– Get sufficient Zinc

Get healthy and active!

Love and Sparkles
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