Organised by the Fashion Heritage Network Cyprus (the FHNC), the REVIVE exhibition showcases contemporary sustainable fashion and art inspired by the rich traditions of Cyprus. The FHNC brings together young Cypriot fashion designers and creatives passionate about exploring and celebrating Cypriot fashion heritage through zero-waste and sustainable fashion designs and art pieces.

The exhibition features the work of 12 up-and-coming Cypriot designers and artists who draw inspiration from Cyprus’s cultural practices from the past, present, and future. After the exhibition’s massive success in Cyprus, the exhibition is now travelling to London.

The REVIVE exhibition is a unique blend of cultural heritage and contemporary fashion and art, with each participant creating their own installation based on a specific cultural practice. Visitors can expect to see traditional artefacts like chair weaving, pottery, jewellery, and embroidered laces, as well as elements related to important events such as koliva and wedding traditions, and daily life practices like agriculture, farming, and food traditions.

The FHNC believes that craftsmanship and local cultural practices are vital for self-reliance, mindfulness, socio-cultural well-being, and community building. These beliefs are reflected in the FHNC’s REVIVE exhibition which offers valuable perspectives on craftsmanship and local traditions. The exhibition also raises awareness of the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry, as well as showcasing how Cypriot fashion heritage has historically been sustainable through practices such as reuse, natural dyes, repair, and upcycling.

In addition to showcasing fashion and art pieces, the FHNC exhibition promotes youth engagement and participation by bringing together young Cypriot designers and artists from different communities who live in Cyprus or the diaspora to collaborate and exchange ideas. Through art, the FHNC aims to create dialogue and bridge communication among all Cypriots.

“We are excited to invite everyone to join us in celebrating Cyprus’s cultural practices through sustainable fashion and art at the REVIVE exhibition,” says Christina Dymioti, the Director of the FHNC.

“Immerse yourself in the beauty and uniqueness of Cypriot fashion heritage reinterpreted for the modern world, while exploring the important connection between sustainability and cultural preservation. Experience the metamorphosis of Cypriot fashion heritage through the eyes of young Cypriot designers and artists, and be inspired by their innovative and creative approaches to fashion design and art. Don’t miss this exclusive showcase of contemporary sustainable fashion that pays homage to Cyprus’ rich cultural traditions.”

This exclusive exhibition is funded by the Deputy Sub-Ministry of Culture in Cyprus and is supported by the Royal Commonwealth Society, the British High Commission in Cyprus, the Australian High Commission in Cyprus, Fashion Revolution Cyprus, Commonwealth Fashion Council, Home for Cooperation, Circular Economy Alliance, LCOY Cyprus.


Showcased Fashion Designers and Artists:

  • Anna Michaelidou – Fashion and Textile Designer
  • Andreani Panayides (Folkmona) Valentina Koutsoudis – Fashion and Textile


  • Antigone Papageorgiou – Fashion Designer
  • Danae Patsalou – Visual Artist
  • Ilkan Koral – Fashion Designer
  • Irene Panayi – Fashion Designer
  • Kassandra Baker – Fashion Designer
  • Michalis Pantelides – Fashion and Textile Designer
  • Milan Theophilou-Woolley – Artist and illustrator
  • Rengin Akcan – Fashion Designer
  • Şüküfe Emirtaneoğlu – Visual Artist
  • Valentina Koutsoudis – Fashion Designer
  • Yasmin Avdji – Visual Artist


The REVIVE exhibition will be held at the High Commission Of The Republic Of Cyprus & Consulate-General at 13 St James’s Square, St. James’s, London SW1Y 4LB.

Exhibition Opening Dates & Hours: 26-29th of September from 10am – 3pm / 2nd – 5th of October from 10am – 3pm

Admission is free for all visitors. For more information, please visit:


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