Most people are aware that if they look after themselves and treat their body as though it were their temple, with good loving care, in return they should expect to be fit and healthy and with abundant energy. Very often this is the case, however the occasional ailment may occur, but generally, if the maintenance is held up, the body should run smoothly with minimal breakdown.
Theoretically, the maintenance is quite simple really, but putting it into practice seems so difficult for the many, bombarded with the temptation of ready-made tasty food and drink, and if one doesn’t have good self-control, the desire takes over and before you know it, you may have given in to the indulgence and then filled with guilt and regret to follow.
Train yourself with good will power and gain self-control. It is easier than you think – use your mind to develop your personal goals. It all starts with believing in yourself first and that you can actually do it. Visualise the result and how it will benefit you in the long term. What you see will change if you just take control of your bad habits and turn them round to improve the new you.
Recognise all your weaknesses and find ways round them in order to create change and improve for your better, good self. For example, you know that you need to get physically active, but just do not enjoy going to the gym. One way round it is to find something you enjoy doing, either with friends or family, that is exercise at the same time, be it swimming, running or dancing to name but a few, whatever it is, the key is to be consistent with it.
Food seems to be the one that people always ask me about, as they just can’t seem to help themselves with that craving fulfilment. Finding a balance in all you do is what counts, so finding some things that you really don’t want to give up, but could keep it to a minimum, as a little luxury treat every now and then, or keep it to a little amount once a week. This way, you have not given it up totally and still have something to look forward to.
When I first started to take my training seriously, I was around nineteen, I decided to cut out deep fried foods, so it was either learning to change the way I cooked food or just eliminate it completely. I would not steer from this, even if visiting other people or places for dinner, I would just politely decline and often explain I was too awkward in dietary requirements, but surprisingly many would do their best to investigate my needs and try to cook something as an alternative for me. Thank goodness for their persistence to please huh, or I would never go anywhere.
I like wine, the sweet spirits, and of course the mixers that go with it, but once again I must try and cut down on all that excessive sugar, so a compromise with the sugar free mixers helps for me to still have a little enjoyment when I want to.
I train with weights a couple of times a week and work on the principle of impulse training, which means when I feel I have a day with a burst of energy, I try and fit it in at some point during the day. I enjoy dancing and martial arts as my hobbies, so physical activity doesn’t really feel like a chore at all, I just fit it in and do it whenever possible.
So many years later and nothing has changed much really; I still do make most things I want myself, or just don’t have it at all. So if I haven’t seen what’s gone into it, or made that chocolate cake, chips or Chinese dinner myself, I won’t be having that or any such sort.
I never feel like I miss out, as there is always an alternative and after a little while, the taste buds, mind and body seem to eventually just adjust and one doesn’t have that old desire, and sometimes you can almost even find it repulsive. The mind becomes programmed.

Strengthen your mind

Choose healthy habits and look at it as an investment in yourself, that will result in great reward to make you happy.

Find exercise that you can even do from home at your own convenience, good for the physical body, mind and soul. Search online to see what’s trending for fitness or download an app of your choice.

Don’t ignorantly boohoo the healthy option of food and drink before even trying it, you may be pleasantly surprised and may not even be able to actually tell the difference. A good chef can create magic wonders with basics and a touch of spiced creativity.

Learn new cookery skills, physical sport, or mind working skills and hobbies. These sometimes help you decide to make other personal changes to enhance the result.

Get good quality sleep, as mental and physical fatigue can decrease willpower. If you happen to have a bad night’s sleep, try and fit in a power nap somewhere during the day. Don’t underestimate its power of a quick mini recharge.

Practice mindful meditation, this will help improve self-control to act from intention rather than habit or craving.

Aim for small manageable tasks and goals to start with, rather than larger unrealistic goals. This helps focus on progression and helps stay motivated.

Challenge yourself each time a little further for progress. Surround yourself with those that inspire you, support your efforts and are happy to assist to help you improve your discipline style.

Get out there and transform a new you with a clear mind and little effort to make a few simple changes.

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x
Facebook: Samsara Kyriakou

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