Deputy Government Spokesperson resigns amid political scandal
President accepts Doxa Komodromou’s departure from communications role

In a significant development today, Deputy Government Spokesperson Doxa Komodromou has formally submitted her resignation to President Nikos Christodoulides. The President accepted Mrs. Komodromou’s resignation, marking a notable change within the government’s communications team.

This resignation comes in the wake of a scandal involving Mrs. Komodromou’s request for overtime pay for her work, which occasionally included attending charitable functions and other events. The controversy surrounding this issue has brought about increased scrutiny and public attention, leading to her decision to step down from her role. As a key figure in the government’s communication team, her departure is expected to have implications for how the government approaches and manages its public relations efforts in the coming period. This development underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in government roles and decisions.

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