Not only is no issue raised over sovereignty with our proposal, as the President of the Republic claimed in his interview yesterday, but on the contrary, the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus is underlined and confirmed both by the convergence recorded between Christofias and Talat on this issue, as well as by the pursuit of an energy policy capable of breaking the long-standing deadlock on the Cyprus problem. A question of sovereignty would arise, as Mr. Christodoulides will be well aware, if, for example, Mr. Anastasiades’ ideas for a two state solution or for a partition of the Exclusive Economic Zone were to be accepted.


AKEL’s proposal is based on very significant convergences recorded in negotiations and is within the “red lines” of the Republic of Cyprus and the Greek Cypriot side. It includes proposals that will make the solution of the Cyprus problem beneficial for all sides, with incentives for the Turkish Cypriot community only with the achievement of a strategic agreement on the basis of the Guterres Framework, but also for Turkey only after the comprehensive solution of the Cyprus problem.


AKEL is at the President’s disposal for any further clarifications, if and provided that he hasn’t understood it.

One Response to Christodoulides seems to be following Anastasiades in his tactics of distorting AKEL’s proposal on the Cyprus problem and energy issues. 

  1. D FLOURENTZOU says:

    When Anastasiades stated that he would remain ‘politically active’ after stepping down he meant that he would be pulling Christodoulides strings as we can clearly see.

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