This September, we’re celebrating our School Crossing Patrols (SCP), both past and present, with all serving Hertfordshire Patrols being presented with a 70 years’ commemorative badge.
Having a much-needed Patrol near or outside a school allows parents and children to walk, scoot or cycle to and from school independently. Encouraging more active ways to travel also helps create cleaner air outside schools.

To celebrate 70 years since the first School Crossing Patrols were introduced on Hertfordshire’s roads, we’re sharing stories of our SCPs across our social media channels. Frances Deary, our longest serving SCP of 48 years said, “I’m glad I’ve done it for all this time, and I’d recommend the job to anyone!”

The SCP duties, equipment and uniforms have remained similar through the years, although the details have changed.

Originally, Police were issued with white dustcoats to protect their uniforms whilst on duty. SCPs were issued with two of these for summer and a white waterproof coat for winter or for bad weather. They also wore armbands and peaked caps with metal shields and provided with torches (with a red glass front), “gum boots” and black, leather lined gloves. Torches disappeared from use, but in the ’60’s red fluorescent sleeves and jackets were made available for better visibility.

The familiar SCP poles and the signs on them have changed in detail over the years, the largest being in the early years. The original poles featured black and white horizontal stripes. The earliest signs were rectangular, measuring 30″ x 12″ in red and black, with the name of the local authority, and Stop. Children Crossing written.

There are over 140 SCPs working across the county, some in permanent roles, while others cover relief positions as and when needed. The roles are paid with full training provided and no previous experience is required.

Interested in becoming a Hertfordshire SCP? Find out more and register your interest online at

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