Authorities are investigating the circumstances which led to the tragic death of a 78 year old British man who was admitted to the Pafos General Hospital Pathology Ward on September 13th and found dead early this morning at the hospital’s open courtyard on the ground floor.

Police have cordoned off the scene, with converging reports indicating that the man fell three floors down from the ward’s corridor and lost his life as a result of extensive injuries sustained from the fall.

According to a preliminary investigation, the British patient lost his balance as he was walking in an area external to the ward, close to the ledge, in a tragic accident that happened in the early hours.

He was found at the courtyard’s garden around five in the morning by a security guard, who notified hospital authorities and the on duty doctor pronounced him dead.

Pafos General Director Spyros Georgiou was called in, while Pafos Superintendent Nikos Tsappis also arrived at the scene to coordinate on site examinations.

Evidence has been collected, as the Pafos CID is in the process of taking testimony from on duty doctors and nursing staff, with the goal of establishing the whereabouts of the 78 year old in the critical few minutes before he fell to his death.

A post mortem was expected before the end of the day.

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