Residents across Haringey who live in the private rented sector are set to benefit from stronger measures as a new additional HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) licensing scheme is proposed for the borough.

Following a cabinet meeting that took place on Tuesday 19 September, members gave their backing for a consultation to go ahead. Introducing a new scheme will enable the council to take a proactive approach to enforcement against poor property conditions. This includes identifying at-risk properties as well as undertaking inspections.

HMOs allow landlords to rent out their property to at least three people who are not from the same household but share facilities like a bathroom and kitchen.

With the existing additional HMO Licencing scheme coming to an end on 26th May 2024, the new proposed scheme will enable Haringey Council to fulfil their commitment to ensure residents across the borough have access to a safe, sustainable, and affordable homes.

With around 40% of residents living in the Private Rented Sector across the borough, HMOs are a much-needed and affordable option for accommodation. Landlords cannot evict tenants from their rented property in order to avoid the Licencing scheme, as tenants are protected from no-fault eviction in unlicensed premises.

Cllr Sarah Williams, Cabinet Member for Housing Services, Private Renters and Planning, said:

The council is committed to ensuring that Haringey residents have access to a safe, sustainable, and affordable home.

The new additional HMO scheme will provide a clear regulatory framework to support the many good landlords in Haringey, while giving the council powers to act against rouge landlords.

Nearly half of Haringey’s population are living in a private rented home, and we estimate that a quarter of these homes are in poor condition. This additional scheme will give us the tools we need to improve the condition of homes in the private rented sector. I’d like to encourage as many people as possible to take part.

To date, fines amounting to almost £200,000.00 have been issued to landlords who have failed to licence their houses in multiple occupation (HMO).

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