In July, the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance’s Inspection Service conducted targeted inspections at hotels across Cyprus, revealing 43 undeclared workers. This resulted in 20 Violation Notices and 19 Imposition of Fines, totaling €49,000.

As part of the campaign against undeclared work and ensuring compliance with labor laws, inspections were carried out at 90 establishments, uncovering 90 employers with a total of 1,424 employees (620 males and 804 females).

Of these, 554 were Cypriot nationals, 520 were European Union citizens, 316 were third-country nationals, and 34 were Turkish Cypriots.

The Ministry’s Inspection Service aimed to raise awareness among all those involved in these economic activities about the consequences of undeclared work and non-compliance with relevant legislation.

According to the provisions of the relevant legislation, if an undeclared individual is identified in the Social Insurance Fund, an administrative fine of €500 is imposed for each month, multiplied by 7 months, unless the employer proves that the violation period was shorter.

Furthermore, if it is proven that the violation period was longer, the fine is multiplied by the actual number of months.

Lastly, the Ministry’s Inspection Service encourages the public to report undeclared work or employer violation of terms of employment through the nationwide hotline at 77778577, where anonymous or named reports and information are accepted.


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