Greek singer Nikos Vertis is celebrating 20 successful years in the music industry with a tour which kicks off in Cyprus on Friday 9 June (he last performed on the island four years ago), and will then take him around Greece. If you’ve seen this magnificent artist in concert, you’ll know to expect a top production, with impressive acoustics, lighting and backdrops.
His concert in Cyprus will see Limassol’s Tsirio Stadium transformed for the first time ever into a huge entertainment space, complete with sofas, bar tables and stools, creating a bouzoukia atmosphere and enabling fans to enjoy the evening to the max.
Accompanied by his phenomenal orchestra, and his guitar, Nikos will perform his greatest hits from the past two decades – An Eisai Ena Asteri, Thelo Na Me Nioseis, Pes To Mou Xana, An Figeis, Asteri Mou, San Trelos Se Agapao, S’eroteftika, Pos Na To Exigiso, Pos Tolmas, Poli Apotoma Vradiazei, Den Me Skeftesai, Oso Tha Anabneo, Thimose Apopse E Kardia, Eimai Mazi Sou, Erotevmenos, Allaxa, Zise, and so many more.
An amazing musical experience is in store for all those who attend this unique singer’s concert.

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