The creation of the Joint Administration follows the outcome of the local elections on the 4th May in which the Council moved to a position of no overall control.

The members of Cabinet will be as follows:

Cllr Paul Zukowskyj – Leader of the Council and Executive Member for Climate Change
Cllr Lynn Chesterman – Deputy Leader of the Council and Executive Member for Housing
Cllr Sandreni Bonfante – Executive Member for Environment
Cllr James Broach – Executive Member for Governance
Cllr Max Holloway – Executive Member for Leisure and Community
Cllr Duncan Jones – Executive Member for Resources
Cllr Jane Quinton – Executive Member for Planning
To represent the Council on civic and ceremonial occasions, Cllr Pankit Shah and Cllr Frank Marsh are set to be appointed as Mayor and Deputy Mayor, respectively.

Expressing enthusiasm for the collaborative approach taken by the Joint Administration so far, Leader of the Council, Councillor Zukowskyj said:

“I am delighted to work in partnership through the new Joint Administration and address the priorities of our local communities, whilst driving the Council’s climate change agenda forward.”
Echoing this sentiment, Deputy Leader of the Council, Councillor Chesterman added “We are committed to achieving the best outcomes for all of our communities and we firmly believe our new Joint Administration will help us achieve this”.

For full details of the Cabinet appointments, visit the Annual Council webpage.

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