Yanoula’s story

Yanoula’s story began in Rizokarpaso, a village at the very tip of the sunny island of Cyprus. This is where Yanoula lived during her younger years, learning to cook the most delicious traditional Cypriot dishes along the way.

Yanoula moved to North London where she became well known for her delicious olive pitta recipe among her friends and family, and to this day they still talk about Yanoula’s amazing olive pittas.

The secret recipe has been passed down from generation to generation and now her granddaughters are carrying on the tradition


Yanoula’s first Cypriot bakehouse is in Shoreditch at 122 Bethnal Green Lane and can’t wait to welcome you all!

Yanoula’s olive pittas are nothing like the flat pittas you’ll find in the supermarket. In Cyprus, a pitta refers to anything that is a “small bake.”

Each olive pitta is baked using a secret recipe from Yiayia (Grandma) Yanoula. We combine olives, fresh herbs, onions and spinach in a village style bread.

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