A significant yearly increase of 18.5% was recorded in tourist arrivals in April 2023, according to data Cyprus’ Statistical Service published on Wednesday.

The arrivals of tourists reached 342,736 in April 2023 compared to 289,335 in April 2022.

For the period of January – April 2023, arrivals of tourists totaled 736,629 compared to 534,040 in the corresponding period of 2022, recording an increase of 37.9%.

Arrivals from the United Kingdom were the main source of tourism for April 2023, with a share of 36.3% (124,455) of total arrivals, followed by Israel with 9.9% (34,069), Poland and Germany with 6.7% (23,063 and 23,038 respectively) and Greece 6.2% (21,184).

For a percentage of 79.3% of passengers, the purpose of their trip in April 2023 was holidays, for 14.5% visit to friends and relatives and for 6.0% business. Respectively, in April 2022, 80.2% of people visited Cyprus for holidays, 14.6% visited friends or relatives and 5,2% visited Cyprus for business reasons.

Trips abroad up 67.5%


A total number of 135,659 residents of Cyprus returned from a trip abroad in April 2023 compared to 81,062 in the corresponding month last year, recording an increase of 67.4%.

The main countries from which residents of Cyprus returned in April 2023 were Greece with a share of 34.0% (46,086), the United Kingdom with 8.5% (11,482), France with 4.2% (5,664), Italy with 3.7% (4,962) and Hungary with 3.6% (4,886).

The purpose of travel for the residents of Cyprus in April 2023 was mainly holidays, with a percentage of 70.7%, whilst business reasons held a percentage of 20.1%, studies 7.2% and other reasons 2.1%.

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