Statements by the General Secretary of AKEL:
The energy situation in Cyprus has reached a dangerous and critical point
The Anastasiades government demonstrated criminal incompetence
16 May 2023, ‘Astra’ radio
The energy situation in Cyprus has reached a dangerous and critical point, both for energy security issues and prices, AKEL’s General Secretary pointed out, speaking to ‘Astra’, accusing the Anastasiades government of criminal incompetence and inefficiency.
Stefanos Stefanou referred to the absence of a comprehensive energy policy by the previous government, while at the same time, he said that there is a bad situation at the Cyprus Electricity Authority (AHK), which raises a serious issue for the Authority itself.
Referring to yesterday’s meeting at the Presidential Palace on energy issues, the General Secretary of AKEL described the discussion that took place as very productive and constructive.
In essence, S.Stefanou pointed out, the energy plan that had been elaborated by the Demetris Christofias government and been denigrated and undermined by the Anastasiades government is back on track. He expressed satisfaction with the government’s plans for AHK and added that it was agreed that the AKEL Energy Policy department would continue to maintain close contact with the Energy Minister.
On the liquefied natural gas (‘LNG’) terminal issue, S.Stefanou said that this was one of the elements of the plan which the Christofias government had decided to implement, but was subsequently dismantled by the Anastasiades government which in fact did nothing eventually, while other countries have proceeded to make use of their own deposits.
According to the General Secretary of AKEL, issues concerning bringing in natural gas for power generation purposes were also discussed, something that the previous government had also announced four times without doing anything at all.

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