Statements by the General Secretary of AKEL S.Stefanou after the meeting with the President of the Republic
15 May 2023, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia
We requested a meeting with the President of the Republic on energy issues and in particular with regards energy adequacy and security, on the cost of electricity and a number of issues related to them, which have to do with the arrival of Natural Gas for power generation purposes, on the structural issues concerning the semi-governmental Cyprus Electricity Authority (AHK) and its role in Cyprus’ overall energy planning, as well as on the general issue of the cost of electricity which is one of the major issues households and businesses face.
These problems are extremely pressing since numerous things had been announced would be implemented. Unfortunately, very little was done, some things were done but in the wrong direction, with the result that today we have a situation that, besides from being pressing, demands that quick decisions and actions are taken to meet the challenges Cyprus faces.
We had a very good, constructive and productive meeting with the President and I consider I echo the content and outcome of the meeting. We heard from the responsible Minister about the plans and actions that the Government intends to take. I believe that we are generally on the same course. We have agreed that we will be in touch.
We have a very good team following energy issues in AKEL, and given that energy issues affect national security, the economy and society, we agreed to be in touch so that with our own forces we can help to realise the plans as quickly as possible and address the problems that Cyprus, the economy, society and AHK face, which must be the main axis of energy planning as regards the production and distribution of electricity.
On the Israel natural gas Agreement
Stefanos Stefanou: We were briefed about various issues. You understand that there are issues that the opposition will not say, there are issues that it would be wise not talk publicly about regarding such planning. As I have said, we have seen and heard a lot of empty talk in the recent past. It’s better to say less and do more to benefit us as a country.
Question: Do you agree with the government’s changed plans?
Stefanos Stefanou: The basic specifications of the government’s energy plan were what the Demetris Christofias government had elaborated and put forward in 2012. Unfortunately, the previous government did not proceed with the implementation of that plan which was dismantled. Other plans were promoted that did not correspond to the needs and real possibilities. From what we have heard today, we believe that the plan that should have been implemented previously is returning. Of course, we shall see in practice how things will develop and we have no reason to believe that what is being put forward will not happen. It’s not easy, it’s difficult, and it’s not all up to you sometimes. But we are here, as the main opposition force, to help and where need be to exercise scrutiny.

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